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5/7/14 - new BitID, Assassination Market, Google Wallet on ... Assassination Market: The website that crowdfunds murder with Bitcoin - Truthloader Newsweek Reporting: Donald Trump's Assassination Attempt

Thanks to these ideas, the unknown Kuwabatake Sanjuro created in 2013 on TOR a platform where anyone could place a bounty on a public figure in a completely anonymous way, using Bitcoin. The platform in question was called Assassination Market. 'Kuwabatake Sanjuro' thinks bitcoin site can wipe out all governments (Newser) - Ben Bernanke has an almost $75,000 price on his head, placed there by anonymous malcontents online. bitcoin information portal CoinDesk suggested that a majority of bitcoin users expect the virtual currency to only increase in value in 2014. At the height of the bitcoin’s value, the bounty on Bernanke’s head had touched $120,000 (120 Bitcoins); haters of the Western leader had put a $50,000 price on his in bitcoins. Indeed, in November, another website appeared - Assassination Market - the owner of which is hiding behind the false name of Kuwabatake Sanjuro. This man has gone a lot farther: he offers Internet users to pool some money, Bitcoins, to assassinate prominent politicians and public figures. Crypto-anarchism (or crypto-anarchy) is a cyber-spatial realization of anarchism. Crypto-anarchists employ cryptographic software to evade persecution and harassment while sending and receiving information over computer networks, in an effort to protect their privacy, their political freedom, and their economic freedom.

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5/7/14 - new BitID, Assassination Market, Google Wallet on ...

Assassination Market is a crowdfunding website that lets users anonymously donate Bitcoin in order to have political leaders murdered. The site's creator, who goes by the pseudonym Kuwabatake ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Newsweek Reports: Dark Web Fundraises For Donald Trump's Assassination A website has appeared on the dark web calling for donations to facilitate the assassination of President-elect Donald Trump ...

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